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Techniques for writing
Print letters on clothes
Advanced techniques and visual effects
You will learn how to:
Start Italic
Audio: English
Subtitles: English, German
The creative process:
Immerse yourself in the world of calligraphy.
Italic cursive course is not only a fascinating creative process, but also a way of relaxation, a distraction from the daily grind and a chance to create elegant works of art.
A simple process:
No drawing skills are needed
You don't need a lot of time
Created by a professional calligrapher

1 Basics and tools
We'll take apart the necessary tools and learn how to use them to make basic elements and markups.
2 Lowercase letters
Let's analyze the construction and features of each letter. And write the first words.
Let's break the letters into groups and write the whole alphabet with you.
3 Capital letters
Course Chapters
Here is a quick course preview. This is what we are going to learn!
4 Styling and decor
Let's add style to our works. We'll learn about ligatures, strokes, numbers, and other techniques.
5 Basics of Composition
Learn the basic rules for writing words and compositions in Italian italics.
Let's write a whole paper from scratch and apply all our knowledge.
6 The final work
One possible application of Italian italics is in decorating. We will explore new techniques and tools, combining them with our knowledge of Italian italics. Using the envelope example, we will break down the basic principles and techniques of hand lettering. In the future you will be able to make handmade cards, invitations, envelopes, and anything else you want using italics!
Designing a postcard
Let's work with you on the design
Another application of Italic and calligraphy in general is printing. We are going to find out how to prepare hand calligraphy correctly for printing, what requirements the layout should have. We will prepare our letters in Photoshop and print them on the cotton chopper. After passing you will be able to print your letters on anything!
Printing on a Shopper
Practical application of italic
Special PDF materials
for your practice!

We have included all the practice sheets with additional exercises and explanations to increase your skills and become proficient in italic letters!

Those exercises will help you
to improve your skills.
Below you will see all the tutorials and tips description.
Course content
In addition to the basic practice sheets, we made an extended version. And yes, there are a lot of them, and they are very different.
Extended set of printable practice sheets (PDF)
Practice sheets
Words & compositions
Letterforms options
Italic video course
30+ video lessons
Set of practice sheets (source files for printing)
Special exercises to improve your practice skills
Italic video course + practice sheets (PDF)
Start Italic course
Extended set of practice sheets
All supplementary materials, guides, and practice sheets for both courses
60% off till 16.07.2023
60% off till 16.07.2023
Special exercises to improve your practice skills
Taxes are included
Taxes are included
Start learning calligraphy today!
Italic + Lettering
Full Italic course
Full Lettering course
Included: tools & books guides,
practice sheets and exercises
60% off till 16.07.2023
Taxes are included
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Extended set of printable practice sheets
Have a question?
We will help you!
180+ Additional practice sheets, ready to print
100+ Italic lettershapes options
3.8mm Gothic letters
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